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White Shaker Country Kitchen Cabinets


For a super traditional and modern look all at once, go with these white shaker cabinets. Pair these cabinets with either a light, medium, dark or multicolor wood flooring - you can't go wrong. Throw a white porcelain or copper farmhouse sink in the mix [...]

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Cherry Shaker Country Kitchen Cabinets


If you are looking for modern cabinets with a cherry finish then this is your lucky day. Our Cherry Shaker kitchen cabinets are finished with a rich cherry stain that makes any country kitchen catch your eye. Pair these cabinets with with a farmhouse sink and [...]

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Birmingham Shaker Country Kitchen Cabinets


The simplicity of the shaker kitchen cabinet gives your kitchen that clean and modern country kitchen look with the right finishing touches. The birmingham shaker gives you that classic medium natural shaker look that you can't go wrong with. Pair these cabinets with a farmhouse [...]

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