Many people want young and ageless kitchens as their retirement plans. But before they age, their kitchens get old. Not that their kitchens grow pepper grey stubble, beards, and sideburns, but they seemingly get out of trend.

Did it happen with your kitchen too? Feeling too bad that your dream shattered? You can bring your kitchen into the present century with a special type of cabinet— maple kitchen cabinets.

Maple cabinet— a strong, resilient hardwood that will modernize your kitchen

You must be wondering, why that white-woody cabinet? Would it even blend with the modern kitchen? Well, I would say two powerful words: don’t presume. You need not have your home rustic or country-theme. They don’t have the monopoly over wood.

Maple woody cabinets can accentuate any kitchen theme, I repeat, any effing theme. The warmth of maple wood is good for complementing any kitchen styles. So if your kitchen floor has sheets of Italian marbles or glittery tiles, don’t hesitate to go for maple shaker cabinets. Because they literally work well with all the types of kitchen interior.

Wood has feelings too, especially maple kitchen cabinets.

Maple cabinets have a certain personality, begging to be used in a specific manner so that your kitchen breathes the same personality.

Though there are other maple alternatives, I’m simply amazed by its bird’s eye dots, curling grain, and mineral streaking textures. They are so natural and evenly distributed. If you’re in love with symmetry, feel living patterns at your kitchen place with maple cabinets.

Maple has unique characteristics. And you want a unique-touch in your kitchen. Don’t you?

No, I’m not paid to say this. The attractive light and vibrant qualities of maple don’t need my advocacy. They’re quite charming naturally. That’s why they form some of the best and popular cabinetries.

The best part about it? It mimics costly hardwood cabinets at a low cost. The brightness and warming color give a rich look. That said, it’s easily stainable in other shades such as ivory, brown, grey, natural honey color, and cherry reds.

But what do you do with this information? That’s a valid point. How do you modernize your kitchen with it? Well, I’ll give you some ideas. Changes are not easy. You have to bring in a lot of ideas on flooring, countertops, and backsplash too. Not saying my ideas are the ultimate, but they’d surely put some food for thought if you have a design tunnel. So let’s check them out.

  • Soapstone countertops with varnished maple cabinets.

Honestly, if you try to get rid of dated kitchens, you’ll spend your entire life remodeling the kitchen. But varnished maple cabinets and soapstone countertops complement each other so brilliant that you’ll spend your retirement in peace. There are plenty of other quartzes and granites, but at the moment, soapstone is my favorite.

Should you decide to apply no stain on the maple cabinet, varnishing is a must. Here’s the cherry on the top. If your kitchen is a den of intense sunlight, varnished maple kitchen cabinets will survive heat and yellowing. So that automatically increases the durability of your kitchen. Result? You’ll age, not your cabinet.

  • Darker floor and countertops with natural maple kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets are the elephants in the kitchen; in fact, the biggest creature in the kitchen rooms. Maintaining them is not easy. So you pick colors that require less maintenance and give a fresh feeling. Since you’re remodeling and modernizing your kitchen, begin figuring out the floor that runs underneath them.

For natural maple cabinets, go with brown Quartz-black flecks countertops and darker wood laminated floor. If you happen to have black appliances, dark countertops and floor will tie very well with them.

For the maple wood’s raw look, leaving it to its natural color is the best thing to do. Kitchens with minimalistic, rustic, or ranch-style— maple wood cabinets feel organically blending with them. It is called transforming your kitchen into authentic beauty.

  • Countertops should speak with glazed maple cabinets.

Not everyone sticks around a natural or light maple cabinet. Glazed maple cabinets are great for adding depth and details to your kitchen. So if you’re planning to accentuate and capitalize on these details, glazed maple finish could just play the richer and elegant fit.

And for stain, a deeper mahogany shade just whisks so well with your floor and countertops. It would help if you had a countertop and floor that speaks with you and your glazed maple cabinets. I mean… its color should be engaging.

Should you go for a glazed maple, I would recommend a black granite and contemporary cabinet hardware. And yeah, don’t ignore the glass pendants and metals that you use in the kitchen. Everything contributes to the modernized maple kitchen. You have so many choices to pick from.

  • Choose simple materials for stained maple cabinets.

The easiest way to remodel your kitchen is by applying stain on your existing maple wood. Change the maple shaker kitchen cabinets’ color and prevent the wood from damaging.

Every time you stain it, the rustic, rough, & aged feel will add up to the cabinet’s natural look. You can achieve a different level of aesthetic nirvana by slathering additional finish to the already stained cabinet. For your existing maple cabinet, you can update space without changing the location of the cabinets.

The first thing that you need to fix is your floor. My buying idea for floor tiles is quite simple. Go for simpler materials. With stained finish maple cabinets, I think travertine type tile or light-brownish hardwood should bring contrasting liveliness.

And then apply the same thumb formula: simple material for countertops and backsplash. A solid white quartz countertop and bluish green backsplash may enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. Moreover, we’re eyeing for timelessness. Right? The plain maple cabinet is simply outstanding.

The conclusive argument— modernizing your kitchen with Country’s kitchen online marketplace

Frankly, the possibilities are endless. Even while I’m writing this to you, I can think of tens of the designs. Like dark maple wood with black granite countertops if the traditional kitchen is your preference.

Similarly, dark accessories and ivory maple cabinets simply brighten up your area and open up spaces, virtually, if not really. I mean… the kitchen feels big and spacious—every tiny detail in your kitchen matters. Be serviceable and stylish with your kitchen design and grow old with the ever-getting younger scullery.

Annnnnd! If designs are bothering you, making you fumbled with kitchen thoughts— Country’s kitchen online marketplace can help you with the heart and the mind of the design. For ready-to-assemble maple cabinets, you know where to hit. Don’t you?